I Provide A Service

One of the problems facing refugees and hindering their integration in Egypt is the scarcity of services provided in terms of quantity and quality, in addition to the lack of knowledge of many about the nature of the services available to them from local or international organizations, private and governmental service providers. The refugee platform in Egypt contributes to defining the services provided to refugees in their various forms, the types of support provided and updates. By referring refugees and directing them to the services, we can create connectivity that achieves integration.

This form aims to survey the services provided to refugees, asylum seekers, male and female migrants, formally or informally, in order to provide the correct information about the services provided to refugees in an easy and fast way. The survey of services provided to refugees is part of the project (Map of Services for Refugees in Egypt) It is one of our projects that aims to facilitate the access of female refugees and refugees to the available services using technical and digital solutions and their evaluation.