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Who we are

Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE) is an independent organization working to defend human rights, focusing on supporting and advocating for the rights of people on the move.

(PoM) People on the Move: All people who move from one place to another for relatively long periods of time and require a basic standard of protection. Among PoM you may find refugees, asylum seekers, internally and externally displaced, immigrants, undocumented migrants, climate refugees, diaspora people, irregular immigrants, and more.

(HRDs) Human Rights Defenders: all persons, who individually or in association with others, act to promote or protect human rights.

(SWANA) South West Asia & North Africa

Our story

Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE) began its activities in late 2019 by supporting and assisting in cases of human rights violations, with a special focus on the issues of PoM in Egypt. Later, RPE work expanded and developed to various regions, including, the Mediterranean region, SWANA, Horn of Africa and other regions. Our work started during the Corona pandemic in a complex and dangerous context amid a wave of harassment and targeting of human rights defenders by the Egyptian authorities contributed to devising alternative means and methods of communication and performing services while reducing direct interviews – whether between team members or between them and the beneficiaries. We believe in the importance of continuous work to develop policies, tools, and interpretations of our issues, to suit our evolving contexts. We also believe, as a group, in the principle of the universality of human rights and the connection of the human rights defense movement anywhere with the regional and global context, which draws our attention and support for people regionally and globally, linking HRDs and their issues in different contexts with each other, and enhancing ways of cooperation, exchange of experiences and support. RPE was co-founded by a group of HRDs, lawyers, researchers, technicians, writers and other Egyptian and non-Egyptian volunteers.

Our vision

A world in which everyone enjoys basic human rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds, and where everyone is allowed to move freely and safely, within societies that contribute to supporting and advocating for the rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Our mission

  • Urge and push host countries of PoM and related actors to abide by international laws and treaties.
  • Providing legal support to PoM who are at risk of grave violations and groups at risk of persecution.
  • Networking to promote the application of relevant international and regional norms and standards related to movements, migration and the protection of human rights.
  • Addressing racism, discrimination and impunity.
    Supporting the creation of a safe environment for human rights defenders.

Our approach to change

For us and our partners to carry out our roles and actions effectively, we monitor the general policies of the host countries separately, and the developments in regional and international cooperation with regard to the issues of PoM and HRDs. We also observe the practices of states, relevant authorities, and aid providers to analyze developments and provide proposals for alternative policies and practices that guarantee rights, in addition to publications for beneficiaries about the consequences of these developments and how to deal with them.
We work to defend and promote the rights of PoM, through advocacy and pressure on decision-makers internationally, regionally and locally, with the aim of pushing for the provision of free and fair legal and political frameworks that protect the right of people to movement, life and human dignity, in addition to peaceful assembly and the exercise of their activities without fear, intimidation or targeting. We also advocate the enjoyment of all basic rights by all HRDs, and we stand by them in the face of any violations that may occur to these rights.
We monitor and document human rights violations against PoM and HRDs. We create an archive of stories and testimonies of victims and survivors in the face of misleading narratives. We monitor and analyze different patterns of violations with the aim of presenting proposals for solutions and alternatives to decision-makers and actors. We document all the violations that people on the move and their advocates are exposed to in order to prosecute and hold accountable all those involved in violating their basic rights. We monitor and document the information and developments of service providers with the aim of analyzing and studying the extent of adequacy and efficiency in terms of quantity and type and the obstacles facing beneficiaries in accessing or obtaining services to provide advice to service providers and funding agencies. 
Since our work started, we have provided assistance and legal support in human rights issues while devoting a lot of work to the issues of PoM. RPE provides legal assistance in various forms. RPE’s legal unit focuses on strategic litigation cases and works to promote the use of local legal tools in making binding case law. Monitoring conditions for a fair trial in cases affecting its knowledge, and it also works to understand the local legislative frameworks related to the rights of PoM in light of binding international obligations and standards.
We seek to understand the context surrounding PoM and HRDs, and the effects resulting from it at the individual and collective levels in light of complex contexts locally, regionally and internationally, and various alliances and partnerships, and we study the impact of developments on them and on host communities.
We produce reports, studies, research, illustrations and innovative digital projects to document, educate and introduce the rights of PoM. We convey and raise the voices of PoM that clarify and explain their life experiences. We seek to build a collective memory and a diverse digital archive in the face of misleading narratives and extreme polarization regarding migration and movement issues.
HRDs face complex contexts, especially those who work to support and advocate the rights of PoM, whether individuals or groups, RPE works to enhance their work. We believe in the importance of involving HRDs in activities targeting their communities and providing them with a suitable environment. We believe that networking between allies can make a significant impact. We aim to build a network of allies and supporters on the basis of understanding and sharing knowledge, experience and support.

Our work

RPE works to provide legal support through lawyers specialized in legislation related to PoM. The platform provides legal support in various cases, including arbitrary detention, forced deportation, hate and racist crimes, sexual and physical assaults, family and personal status issues, and work issues.
We provide consultation and legal information to beneficiaries. Producing legal publications and guides for PoM and those working to provide services to them in order to provide people with updated complex legal information and procedures in a simple and clear way. And also produces a legal library for PoM and related workers that includes the texts of agreements, laws and relevant decisions.
In addition, the legal team analyzes laws and policies and works on issuing research papers and comparative studies between laws and policies and presenting alternatives from a fair and humane perspective that guarantees the dignity and rights of people.
Conducting trainings and workshops internally or externally with our networks, allies or the public to share legal knowledge and discuss issues and their various paths within the framework of strategic advocacy and litigation and attempt to change public policies.
You can find out more HERE or  Request legal advice from HERE
RPE research team monitors, collects, studies, and analyzes data and information to produce different and comprehensive versions of knowledge on the issues and topics that we work on or that affect our work.
Read our reports and position papers for more
We monitor developments in policies and practices for a deeper understanding and analysis and a more comprehensive offering to our audience. We monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of protection tools and humanitarian services provided to groups in need, for example, the efficiency of the work of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR and its partners in North Africa. We monitor and document details of human rights violations in a way that reveals patterns, stories, and opportunities for action, while keeping information – and people – secured. When information about a violation is effectively recorded, we have a powerful tool for managing and filing complaints, preventing impunity for perpetrators, and advocating and litigating for justice.
The advocacy team works to submit reports of human rights violations to relevant international organizations and institutions and to submit UN complaints to the United Nations. Designing media advocacy campaigns for the issues we are working on, writing data, holding meetings with networks, common stakeholders, relevant actors and decision-makers, as well as providing reporting, research or analytical inputs on the situation and developments to the concerned institutions and experts concerned with the human rights situation.
And since the platform is part of the Egyptian human rights movement, we work alongside Egyptian human rights organizations, both at home and abroad, to advocate for our common and intersecting issues.
View all of our advocacy work here
We follow up and publish news of local, regional and international issues and events that we work on or are of related interest, on our website or our platforms on social media (FacebookInstagramTwitter).
Read more news here
We believe that real news is everything that happens around us and we live it in every moment, and what we are affected by, from what our eyes see and what our ears hear. The transmission of news is an affirmation of the right to know, and therefore the platform is based on sharing and interaction between all interested parties. Therefore, news making is available on our website by filling out the form (Make News with us) form, and reviewing, checking and verifying all reported information from our various sources and networks before sharing it with our audience. In publishing news, we depend on ensuring the right of people to express and ensuring the protection of the data and information of victims, witnesses and whistleblowers. We also edit and draft news, and we care in the drafting and editing process to ensure the promotion of the rights and preservation of the dignity of all persons.
The services team manages the reception, study and handling of questions related to all the services that we provide or do not provide, whether it is the requests we receive through our direct work or requests referred by community partners, or people to whom we provide legal support and at the same time they need other types of support, or requests or questions that we receive through social media.
On our website, via (I need a service), PoM in Egypt who need to obtain a specific service can fill out the form, and then a member of our team will help to reach service providers that meet the required need.
The services team also writes and publishes the latest updates and news about government services and services provided by relief organizations and other important updates related to obtaining services and training opportunities, events and work available to PoM.
Through (I provide a service) form, service providers of all kinds can inform us of the types of services they provide, the conditions for obtaining them, and when they can be obtained.
The services team also issues manuals of service providers for PoM, and it contains all the data of government service providers, relief organizations, local initiatives and charities. The manuals include different types of services such as educational, health, psychological support, social support, legal support, and other services available.
The platform’s team monitors the adequacy and efficiency of the services provided in order to monitor and document obstacles and propose solutions and alternatives for more comprehensive and advanced services.
Check services section for more
Republishing or translations of the most important pieces, articles, investigations, texts, creative writings, or visuals that explain our issues, explain important angles in them or offer a new perspective to solve certain situations.
Read more in the blog here
The technical team designs projects with the aim of enhancing the support and advocacy provided. Among the technical projects that the platform works on are interactive maps projects and policy maps. Through these maps, PoM or stakeholders and decision-makers can access information more easily and clearly.
The maps also contribute to the formation of an integrated archive of information and the reactions of its beneficiaries, and the counter-maps contribute to challenging the dominant power structures that violate the rights of people.
Browse maps here
We are working on organizing various events that contribute to advocating our work, promoting our goals, and raising awareness of the issues we are working on, such as “discussion circles, workshops, training, or seminars”, whether in person or via the Internet, whether through individual or group organization.
We participate in advocacy activities for the issues that we are working on locally, regionally and internationally through cooperation with our companions and allies network. We organize and participate in resistance activities led by PoM or HRDs to defend and protect rights and demand respect for them or pay injustice to people or groups.
Learn more about events here
Disinformation spread widely and disturbingly on all platforms and media. Some of this information is within the framework of organized campaigns aimed at spreading hate speech, incitement and violence, and the authorities sometimes circulate it to pass policies that restrict rights. In issues of movement and immigration, the dissemination of misleading information is very serious and creates a cover for abuses that helps criminals escape punishment.
We monitor and analyze misleading information and its impact on rights, correct it and raise awareness of the risks of its circulation and repetition.
Increasingly and alarmingly, multifaceted hate speech, racism, and incitement are growing across the world against the most vulnerable, targeted, and at-risk groups such as PoM, different ethnic and religious groups, LGBTQI+ people and HRDs.
We work to expose hate crimes and racist practices by individuals, organizations, the media or state authorities, and we work with relevant stakeholders from organizations, media and social media platforms to confront hatred and incitement, raise awareness of the damage and violations they cause, and contribute to reparating the victims in front of society.
As a way to push violence against PoM and to expose and challenge intersectional discrimination, Communities of PoM everywhere and in every context are challenging discrimination and violence in their daily lives, within cities, at borders and in detention, by working to self-organize, mobilize, advocate, support their communities and struggle against repressive policies. Methods, strategies, and approaches to self-organization and resistance evolve according to the context, geographical location, political, economic, and social conditions, and the availability of safe spaces for their application.
We document the different methods, strategies, and approaches within the framework of an in-depth understanding of the context, motives, and surrounding circumstances, allowing those with experience to transfer their experiences directly to others.
Browse the archive here
Amid security restrictions and intimidation of HRDs and the criminalization of their work, we are working to support our comrades and allies with common goals and values. We are working to enhance the work of defenders – individuals and communities – by sharing experiences and intensifying observations about contexts, policies, solutions and alternatives to resist the practices and continuous waves of harassment and repression, and deepening knowledge and how to obtain and use physical and digital tools and means of protection and alternative ways to complement and continue the implementation of activities while reducing the chances of exposure to danger personally or collectively. We mobilize for advocacy and protection on behalf of HRDs at risk and attacks that threaten their safety.

Who do we work with?

In Egypt: The platform is part of the Egyptian human rights movement and works with a support network of volunteers, organizations, associations, initiatives, community groups of PoM, and community leaders. Our network helps to receive reports and requests for help, share multi-needs requests for help among all actors and service providers, and cooperate to support and assist people in different aspects to achieve sufficiency.
We also mobilize to advocate for promoting human rights and the rights of PoM. We share information and hold periodic meetings, training and workshops to develop more effective ways to serve PoM and also educate peers about what we have learned, and design digital projects to facilitate access to information and services and their evaluation by beneficiaries.

Regionally and internationally: Refugees Platform in Egypt is an active member of various networks working to protect and promote human rights and the rights of PoM in SWANA, Europe, North and South America, and around the Mediterranean and the borders of the European Union.

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