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The advocacy team works to submit reports of human rights violations to relevant international organizations and institutions and to submit UN complaints to the United Nations. Designing media advocacy campaigns for the issues we are working on, writing data, holding meetings with networks, common stakeholders, relevant actors and decision-makers, as well as providing reporting, research or analytical inputs on the situation and developments to the concerned institutions and experts concerned with the human rights situation.

And since the platform is part of the Egyptian human rights movement, we work alongside Egyptian human rights organizations, both at home and abroad, to advocate for our common and intersecting issues.


Guidelines to Follow in Case of Detention or Arrest by Egyptian Authorities

Over the past few weeks, the Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE) has documented cases of arrest, detention, and forced deportation of persons on the move in various governorates in Egypt, including migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees residing in Egypt. According to documented testimonies, these arrests target individuals based on their identity or skin color, during...

What does opening the Rafah crossing mean?

On the 77th day of the ongoing Israeli war of annihilation against Gaza, the largest mass killing operation we have witnessed in contemporary history, as statistics indicate that 394 Palestinians from Gaza are being killed every day, 770 people getting injured, and 27,537 are displaced daily. Demands are escalating to open the Rafah crossing immediately,...

A guide to organizations and initiatives providing support to Palestinians in Egypt and how to help their efforts continue

*The information provided in this guide is current and verified as of Monday, November 20, 2023.   Abwab Elkheir Foundation – مؤسسة أبواب الخير Since the beginning of the occupation’s aggression, Abwab Elkheir Foundation began supporting stranded Palestinian families and Palestinian students in Egypt. Until the end of November, the Foundation is working to support...