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Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE) is an independent organization working to defend human rights, focusing on supporting and advocating for the rights of people on the move.

Our vision

A world in which everyone enjoys basic human rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds, and where everyone is allowed to move freely and safely, within societies that contribute to supporting and advocating for the rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Our mission

  • Urge and push host countries of PoM and related actors to abide by international laws and treaties.
  • Providing legal support to PoM who are at risk of grave violations and groups at risk of persecution.
  • Networking to promote the application of relevant international and regional norms and standards related to movements, migration and the protection of human rights.
  • Addressing racism, discrimination and impunity.
    Supporting the creation of a safe environment for human rights defenders.

Our services

If you are a refugee, an immigrant or an asylum seeker living in Egypt and you need to ask a legal specialist, you can fill out this form and one of our specialized legal consultants will answer your questions/inquiries.

If you are an asylum seeker or a refugee in Egypt and you need to reach a specific service, please fill out the following form and one of our team of volunteers will assist you as much as possible in reaching service providers that meet the required need.

This form aims to survey the services provided to people on move in Egypt, with the aim of providing correct information about services and facilitating access to them.

Violations map (AR)

An interactive map to monitor violations against people on the move in the geographical areas in which we monitor, document and analyze patterns of violations. The map displays all monitored violations with the ability to report violations by beneficiaries.