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We see many racist comments loaded with hatred towards the Sudanese who are facing a catastrophic disaster on our pages and on social media, and we receive messages carrying the same message of hatred, threat and hostility. We reject these hateful racist words in all forms, and we regret and apologize that such comments appear on our pages because we do not have enough time to review and delete them due to the current enormous work pressure.

Receiving those fleeing war and persecution in search of safe shelter is a humanitarian duty before it is an international and local obligation in accordance with the relevant conventions and treaties. We should all be aware of what is happening and that no one ever chooses to become a refugee, and it is our responsibility not to remain silent about the harm caused by racist acts and to expose racist people.

On the other hand, many have also shown broad solidarity with Sudanese coming to Egypt and launched individual and collective initiatives to offer assistance as much as possible. We welcome this and encourage launching more initiatives that provide emergency assistance to those crossing, especially after the hardships of a terrifying and exhausting journey from conflict areas. Supporting refugees and providing them with adequate protection and care is a common responsibility among all of us.

#NoToRacism #SolidaritywithSudan

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