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COP27: The intersections of climate change, forced displacement and human rights

Design: Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE) ©
Design: Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE) ©

The Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE), in conjunction with Egypt’s hosting of the 27th session of the Climate Conference – COP27, is releasing a paper that discusses the issue of climate change, in a context intersecting with the displacement resulting from these changes, the human rights crisis in Egypt, and the conditions of people on the move in terms of policies and actions applied in reality, focusing on Egypt as the main crossing point for the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

In light of the harsh and rapid climatic changes, people are forced to migrate and relocate, and then other factors combine to worsen the conditions of the forcibly displaced, and make them vulnerable to serious violations.

For example, neither international law nor the domestic policies of most receiving countries protect those who are forced to flee due to climate change, which affects their livelihoods and safety. With the intersection of these factors within countries that have a poor record of respecting human rights towards their citizens or people on the move, the rights of the most vulnerable groups, such as refugees and asylum seekers, become even more vulnerable.

Paper contents:

  • Policies and Actions … Real solutions must be worked on now
  • The rights of displaced people inside or across its borders in recent years
  • Climate change cannot be separated from justice and human rights, especially the rights of the most vulnerable
  • Effective participation in COP 27 in light of the Egyptian authorities’ suppression of freedoms
  • Is lobbying for “loss and damage” financing a sufficient solution?
  • Recommendations to (Governments of countries, international organizations, groups and activists participating in COP27 – The Egyptian government)

Read the full paper:

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