A guide for support and service providers for new arrivals in Egypt

A guide for support and service providers for new arrivals in Egypt: The most important advice and guidance on the law, residence and movement

On April 15, conflict broke out between the army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Sudan. Civilians became unsafe in light of the repercussions on various sectors echoing shortages in health services, water, food, medicine, as well as energy resources such as electricity and fuel. The constant instability and interruption of Internet services affected communication and the banking sector as well. 

In consequence, people in Sudan started fleeing towards neighboring countries on a journey fraught with great dangers. In Egypt alone, 16,000 people have arrived according to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman. There are others waiting on the Sudanese side to cross in search of a safe haven.

RPE team has prepared this guide, which contains:

1- Data of support and service providers for people upon their crossing to Egypt. This data is based on direct sources through Sudanese community leaders and self-organized support groups within immigrant communities in Egypt, and data sent to us through the form “I provide a service” on the “Refugee Platform in Egypt” website.

2- In addition to tips and instructions on movement, law and protection prepared by the platform team.

* The information in this guide is updated as of April 30, 2023.

Health services upon arrival in Aswan

  1. The Egyptian Red Crescent Relief Center at the Arqin border crossing, Qastal, Karkar station and Abu Simbel hospital provides: health services / psychological support/medicines/snacks/means of communication: Phone: +20 01153772211-+20 01153881199 – +20 01153994455- +20 01153991133
  2. Aswan University Hospital provides comprehensive health services and emergency care at nominal costs.

Available 24 hours to contact Tel: 0972428625. 

Location: Qasr El-Haggar Street, Aswan Beginning, Egypt The site of the University Hospital in Aswan

  1. Red Crescent Hospital, Aswan: Provides comprehensive health care at nominal costs

Tel: +20 01203426415

Location: Red Crescent Hospital, Aswan

  1. Al-Ramad Hospital in Aswan provides special eye care at nominal costs

Tel: 0972454025

Location: Ophthalmology Hospital site in Aswan

  1. Al-Masala Hospital provides a variety of medical care at private sector prices

Tel: 0972302523

Location: El-Masala Hospital

  1. New Friendship Hospital with nominal costs

Tel: 0972240594

Location: Friendship Hospital

  1. Evangelical Mission Hospital: 23 Corniche El Nil – Corniche – Aswan Governorate

Tel: 0972317176 – 0972302176 – +20 01221385685 – 0972322176

  1. Nasr El Nuba Central Hospital: Nasr El Nuba, Aswan, 

Tel: 0972850003

The Egyptian Ministry of Health also announced in a statement on April 28, 2023 that all medical services will be provided to the returnees and the displaced through the Arqin and Qastal crossings, and that they will conduct an apparent medical examination for the crossings and follow up with them for a period of two weeks from the date of crossing and increase the mobile clinics at the crossings to 10 clinics to detect any infectious diseases. Each person is given a health monitoring card.

Transfer services upon arrival in Aswan

The Egyptian Red Crescent provides a free transfer service for transients from Aswan to some other governorates, such as Cairo. You can also easily move within or outside the governorate of Aswan through the public and private transportation network.

Transportation available to travel to other governorates:

– The Train

Train stations from Aswan (Aswan- New Aswan- Kom Ombo – Abu Simbel – Nasr Al Nuba – Kalabsha – El Radisia – Al Busailiya – Darwa) location: Aswan Railway Station

A- How to Book:  

– You can book through the ticket office located inside each station 

– Also online- booking is available via the Egyptian National Railways website through the following link or through the Egyptian National Railways application. Application link: Egypt railways (official application) – on Google Play, however, we have received complaints from users of the application, additionally, trips need to be booked well in advance.

B- Ticket Prices:

The prices of the trips vary depending on the train class and quality. For example, the prices of trips to Cairo range from 125 L.E – 700 L.E. You can browse trains to all governorates through the following link : 

Train ticket prices 2023 Egypt Railways and train timetable all governorates (updated)

Or through the application of the Egyptian National Railways on the Apple and Google stores.

C- Train Schedules:

You can find out the train schedules through the Egyptian National Railways application from the previous link or through the Egypt’s Trains application from the following link : Egypt’s Trains with voice search – applications on Google Play.

Link on Apple Store: Egypt’s Trains on the Apple Store

– Private buses:


Through direct booking upon arrival to the station: Bus Station Gharb Suhayl

Or by private vehicles (microbus) through direct booking upon arrival to the station

Location: The New Bus Station

Means of Communication

You can operate the roaming service on your phone by contacting your network service provider’s customer service at an additional cost or by purchasing a new sim card from one of the local network service providers in the Arab Republic of Egypt (Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat, or We network) by visiting one of the branches of these network service providers scattered in Aswan governorate and all over the country. 

  • Vodafone and We have also announced the provision of international calls, messages, and roaming services to and from Sudan for free (for three days for Vodafone customers) and (for a week for We customers) starting from Thursday 27th of April.

Registration of Asylum Applications

Registration for asylum in Egypt is done through one way only, which is to apply to the UNHCR office in Cairo and submit an application for asylum.This is done over two stages:

 The First Stage: Making an Appointment in Advance through:

  1. Telephone:

 Cairo Office: 0227390400                                    Alexandria office: 0225990800

Call reception times from Sunday to Wednesday from 8:15 am until 3:00 pm.

And on Thursday from 8:15 am until 12:00 pm.

  1. The UNHCR office:

Booking appointments in person, please attend yourself with all the papers and supporting documents.

  • Address of office in 6th of October: 17th Mekka El Mokrama Street, 3rd proximity, 7th District, Behind 6th of October Club, 6th of October City, Greater Cairo, Egypt.

Working hours: from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm.

The Second Stage: Registration Interview

The purpose of the interview is to register the person and their family members, if there are any, and submit an application for asylum. 

  1. Please make sure to bring all your family members you wish to be registered on your file on the day and time indicated in the confirmation text message you receive from UNHCR, knowing that those who do not attend the interview will not be registered.
  2. Bring all relevant documents, the most important of which are: (passports – if found – for all individuals registered on the file or any other documents – if found- that provide proof of your identity with /or your personal or family status) 

The interview will last between 30 to a maximum of 45 minutes.

There are no fees or expenses to be paid for applying for asylum.

If you need more details or need legal advice, you can ask us via this link Legal Advice – Refugee Platform in Egypt.

Important Tips when Renting a House / Apartment in Egypt

The following must be followed when drafting a lease agreement:

  1. Write the data in a detailed and clear form (owner, tenant, address, number of rooms, rental value, lease term and expiration date).
  2. You must confirm the identity of the lessor by checking their national ID card or passport and write the data included in the lease agreement and keep a copy of it.]
  3. Mention the details of the apartment; if it has holes, cracks, or any defects.
  4. The insurance value does not exceed two months and the rental and insurance value are written both in letters and numbers.
  5. If you wish to make modifications to the rented apartment, you must first inform the owner and obtain written consent from them, if necessary, in case the modifications are in the design of the unit itself.
  6. If you wish to extend the lease term for another period, it is necessary to inform the lessor one or two months before the end of the contract, or as agreed upon in the contract.
  7. Compliance with the terms of termination of the contract is codified in the lease agreement, which often requires notifying the owner two months before termination to ensure obtaining the full insurance value.
  8. Make sure to write down the insurance value and each amount paid to the owner by the lease agreement.
  9. Get a receipt for receiving the rent from the lessor every time the rent is paid.

Important tips when renting

  • Inspect the apartment during the day and at night, to assess all the disadvantages and advantages.
  • The price should suit your financial capabilities to ensure the continuity of paying the monthly rent.
  • The realtor’s commission is no more than a month’s worth of the apartment’s rent.

In Case of Verbal/Physical Abuse 

Please follow the following legal procedures:

Go to the police station and file a report -it is preferable to take a lawyer with you when filing a complaint or getting questioned- at the police station

Pay Attention

  • Bring with you any proof of identity (passport, asylum card- or any other proof of identity) preferably a valid residence card.
  • The full details of the incident must be stated, such as what happened exactly, names of your assailants, and if not available, their descriptions should be stated.
  • It is preferable to mention the names of witnesses who witnessed the incident if anyone was present.
  • You can ask for protection if an aggressor threatens or pursues you.
  • Go to a hospital and obtain a medical report – if the assault resulted in injuries or was a sexual assault- it is preferable to keep copies of all medical reports and make sure the doctor signs them if possible.

The case number must be kept and the proceedings are followed up with the prosecution.

You can hire a lawyer to follow up the proceedings with a power of attorney (whether through partners of the UNHCR office in Egypt or through civil society organizations or private law firms that work on refugee cases pro bono or for a nominal fee).

* If you have been verbally assaulted by a person and the reason for this assault is the color of your skin, your language, or any other racial reason, you should go to the police department at the scene of the incident to report the racial abuse yourself or by the special power of attorney to a lawyer.

* If you or someone you know have been subjected to sexual violence, the victim must get a check-up by specialist doctors within 72 hours of the incident in order to provide the correct health care.

* If you are subjected to online blackmail, insults, slander or bullying, you must file a report at the Cyber Police Department. You can reach it through the following numbers: 

0224065052- 0224065051- or through the hotline 108

If you have been subjected to any of the previous assaults or any violations, you can inform us via this FORM.

You Can Also Contact These Institutions to Request Legal Services Or a Lawyer if You Are Registered With the UNHCR

  • United Lawyers

Provides legal advice to asylum seekers with obtaining birth certificates & marriage and divorce documents.

+20 01154526171

  • Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights (EFRR)

Provides legal assistance to refugees who have been arbitrarily detained or are at risk of forced deportation.

+20 01272020938 – 0225751118

You Can Contact the Refugees Platform in Egypt

To request legal support and consultations in all branches of law, whether you are registered or not, you can contact the Refugees Platform in Egypt via the platform’s pages on social networking sites ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and through the legal support form (in Arabic and Tigrinya, and in English ) on the website. 

You can also communicate with RPE through WhatsApp using the following link: https://rpegy.org/whatsapp

Services for Unaccompanied and Separated Children, Protection, Housing, Legal Support, Medical, Psychological and Other Important Care 

The Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE) provides legal support that can be accessed by filling out a legal consultation application form. RPE also connects people to the services provided inside Egypt by responding to requests for the I Need a Service form to request various services and information.

The numbers of some international institutions that provide services to refugees and asylum seekers in Egypt, can be shared by members of NGOs in Aswan, community leaders, and volunteers at the crossings with our Sudanese brothers & sisters who have recently arrived in Egypt.

Note: The organizations in the directory and their information are indicative, and RPE does not have any direct partnerships with the mentioned institutions. However, but in case of any problems or obstacles in accessing the information/reaching out, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. UNHCR (through which asylum applications are registered and also provides many services such as protection, education, healthcare, livelihoods and cash support. All of these services can be found through the UNHCR Service Directory – 0227390400
  2. IOM: Runs the Middle East and North Africa resettlement program for refugees and also provides two other types of services:

– Socio-economic assistance, housing, livelihoods, legal assistance, education, mental health and psychosocial support, NFI assistance, and medical assistance.

– Assistance with voluntary return and reintegration: For registration with the IOM: +20 01033398239

Migrant assistance and protection hotline: +20 01032046064

Resettlement Support Center Services: 19472

  1. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): Helps with family reunification services for those who have lost contact with their families as a result of armed conflicts, wars, and natural disasters. 

The number assigned to Sudan:+249900907832

  1. St. Andrew’s Refugee Services (STARS): Child Protection Services for unaccompanied and separated children and youth, including emergency response, educational services (focuses on academic learning & social and emotional skills learning), psychosocial support, counseling, emotional support, psychological first aid, group activities focusing on psychological education, and housing support.

Arabic, English, Tigrinya: +20 01033348659

Arabic, English, Somali, Tigrinya: +20 01064400281

Address: 38 July 26 Street, Downtown, Cairo Governorate next to Gamal Abdel Nasser metro station.

  1. Mersal Foundation: Provides baby milk and urgent medical services for children and coordinates to provide the most appropriate medical care with its partners and government hospitals.

You can contact it through the phone number: +20 01224507210 or hotline 19340

Address: 8, st. 263, New Maadi

Unaccompanied and Separated Children’s Services

  1. Save The Children: +20 01029802524- +20 01029803454
  2. PESTIC: +20 01200944111

Providing the Necessary Protection and Safe Housing for Those at Risk

  1. Caritas Egypt: 0227964441 / 0227961771 you can see all the services provided by them through Caritas Services
  2. Refuge Egypt: (All Saints’ Cathedral in Zamalek-Cairo governorate) +20 01272040710

Reproductive Health and Virus Treatment Services

CARE Egypt: Provides psychological and legal assistance and case management of individual survivors of gender-based violence.

 +20 01028859777/  +20 01120486354/ +20 01028859666

 For emergency cases throughout the day contact: +20 01028062178

Medical and Psychological Care for Those Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted

Doctors Without Borders (MSF): MSF provides medical, physical, and psychological rehabilitation services to victims of traumatic events. 

Hotline (all day): +20 01117083502

To make an appointment: +20 01012159162 and +20 01111483267

Psychosocial and Psychiatric Service Providers – Government Institutions

The hotline for the General Secretariat of Mental Health Treatment: 16328

Hospitals specialized in psychiatry:

Area: Greater Cairo

  1. Abbasiya Hospital:

 Address: 56 Ramses st., Abbasiya, Cairo Governorate. 

 Phone: 0224826606

  1. Helwan Psychiatry Hospital

 Address: ُExtension of Mansour Street, Ben El-Ezbteen,Helwan, Cairo Governorate.

 Phone: 27137387 (202)- 25547368 (202)

  1. Al-Khanka Hospital for Mental Health

Address: Al Mostashfa Al Markazi Street next to the health insurance hospital – End of new court Street, Khanka City, Kaliobeya Governorate. 

Phone: 44698816(202)

  1. Misr-El Gedida Hospital for Mental Health

Address: Airport Street, next to the EgyptAir Administrative Complex, Heliopolis. 

Phone: 24196276(202),       Fax: 24196276(202)

Area: Alexandria Governorate

  1. Al-Maamoura Hospital for Mental Health

Address: Alnabawi Elmohandes street, Almalaha, Almuntazah, Alexandria.

Phone: 3256823(203)

  1. Abbas Helmy Center for Mental Health

Address:18 Alexandria Matrouh road, agamy, Al Bitash, next to family towers. 

Phone: 3019340(203)

Area: Nile Delta Governorates:

  1. Benha Hospital for Mental Health:

Address: Science Faculty street, behind Chest Hospital of Benha, next to Qalyubia Health Directorate Training Centre, Benha, Qalyubia.

Phone: 3232506(2013)

  1. Portsaid Hospital for Mental Health:

Address: Extension of 23 december street, intersecting with Suez Canal Street,in front of Al Marwa and Khadija residencies, Alzohour district, Port Said. 

Phone:  3670454(2066)

  1. Assiut Hospital for Mental Health:

Address: 4 King Faisal street – next to Directorate of Health Affairs and Chest Hospital of Assiut

Phone: 2148164(2088)

  1. Al-Azazy Hospital for Mental Health:

Address: Kafr al-Azazy village ” located in the middle of the road connecting Kafr al-Azazy village and the city of Al-Qurayn”, Abu Hamad ٍStation, Sharqiyah Governorate 

Phone :3443777(2055) – 3440536(2055)

  1. Shebin- Elkom Mental Health Hospital

Address:Shebin El Kom hospital for mental health – (hospitals complex), Mit Khalaf village, Shebin El Kom city, Menoufia governorate 

Phone: 2170182 (2048)

  1. Tanta Hospital for Mental Health

Address: Abdel hay Mashhour Street, off El Geish Street, next to Tanta University Hospital – Tanta – Gharbia Governorate.

  1. Beni Suef hospital for Mental Health

Address: Nile Corniche- behind Beni Suef General Hospital-Beni Suef Governorate Phone: 0822352323

  1. Al-Minya Hospital for Mental Health:

Address: Behind My New City of Minya-New Minya City- Minya governorate

Phone: 2294071 (2086)

  1. Sohag Hospital for Mental Health:

Address: temporary current address: nasser agricultural road, Akhmim, next to Akhmim Central Hospital, Sohag governorate.

Phone: 2584365(2093)

  1. Aswan Hospital for Mental Health:

Address: East of High Dam, next to Health Quarantine, Aswan Governorate.

Phone: 3480652(2097)

  1. Demira Hospital for Mental Health:

Address: Demira Hospital for Mental Health, Demira village ( Alsaraya ),Talkha city, Dakahlia Governorate

Phone: 2422026(050)

Area: Health units in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria:

Cairo (Al Hay Al Sabee – Al Haganah – Saqr Quraysh – Maadi Al Khubiri)

Giza (Talbiya- Omraniya- Kafr Nassar- Mit Aqaba-West Airport- Zayed- Al Sades Men October- Al-Hosary)

ِAsk for mental health and psychosocial support services at any nearby clinic.

Public Hospitals:

  1. Ahmed Maher Hospital:

Address: 341 Port Said St., in front of Cairo security directorate, Al Sayeda Zeinab Police Station, Cairo Governorate.

  1. Sahel Hospital:

Address: 2 Youssef Karam st., behind Telecom Egypt ٍShubra Central, El Sahel, Cairo Governorate.

  1. Zayed General Hospital:

Address: El Nasr Road, Al Abageyah, El Khalifa section, Cairo governorate.

Phone: 0223388602

  1. Om El Masryeen Hospital:

Address: Salah Salem St., Om El Masryeen Square, in front of Om El Masryeen metro station, Giza Governorate. 

Phone: 0235720753

  1. El Demerdash Hospital:

Address: 56 Ramses St., behind Al Noor Mosque, Abbasiyah, Cairo Governorate.

Phone: 0224826606 – 0224826606 – 0224834266 – 0226844195

University Hospitals:

  1. Ain Shams University Hospital:

Address: El-Khalifa El-Maamoun St., next to ASU faculty of commerce, El-Qobba Bridge, Abbasiyah, Cairo Governorate. 

Phone: +20 01098106892

  1. Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital:

Address: Al Kasr Al Einy St., El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo Governorate.

Phone: 0223643988 – 0223643524 – 0223647094

  1. Sayed Galal Hospital:

Address: Port Said St., Bab El Shaariya, Cairo Governorate.

Phone: 0225893754 – 0225915941 – 0225893755

  1. Mansoura University Hospital:

Address: 60 El Galaa St., in front of the Faculty of Education, Mansoura University, Mansoura City, Dakahlia governorate.

Phone: 0502246644-0502268624

  1. Tanta University Hospital:

Address: El Geish St., Tanta City, Al Gharbia Governorate.

Phone: 0403333666 – 0403350372 – 0403419586

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