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Updates on the Sexual Assault and Murder Case of the Infant “Janet”

Janet's father and mother demand justice
Janet's father and mother demand justice

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  • The Public Prosecutor continues its investigation, examining the crime scene and the location where the body was found, and taking the suspect to reenact the crime.
  • The family of the deceased: “We demand her right, justice, and punishment for all involved in the crime.”
  • Wide-ranging demands from the Sudanese community in Egypt under the hashtags #WeAreAllJanet and #JusticeForJanet to punish the criminal and to bring an end to the suffering of women and children from physical and sexual assaults.


According to sources familiar with the case, the Public Prosecution, which has been investigating this case for the past 48 hours, inspected today the site of the incident where the infant “Janet” was abducted. Furthermore, it continues to investigate and interrogate the suspect, while he remains detained under previous orders. 

Additionally, the suspect was taken today to the crime scene and the site where the body was found to reenact the crime, which is part of the procedures in investigating criminal offenses, especially homicide, according to lawyers. The suspect has been identified as a 22-year-old Egyptian worker residing in the same building where the child’s family lives.

According to lawyer Ahmed Haggag, the suspect confessed to his crime before the prosecution, which has opened a lengthy 48-hour investigation that is still being finalized before referring the case to the criminal court.

According to the mother’s testimony, the family went to the police station and was informed that the police would not take action until 24 hours had passed since the disappearance. Subsequently, they continued the search on their own and found the child’s body lying on the ground without the diaper she was wearing. The child disappeared around 6 p.m. and was found around 2 a.m. Jane’ts father accuses others of involvement in the crime.

The child’s family had knocked on the doors of all residents in the building, but the door to the apartment where the perpetrator lived remained shut. When the police arrived after the discovery of the body, they knocked on his apartment door, and “Janet’s” sister immediately recognized him and informed her mother that he was the one who had abducted her sister. The police arrested him, and the next day, the prosecution brought him to the crime scene for a reenactment.

In response to the crime, the Sudanese community in Egypt is using the hashtags (#WeAreAllJanet #كلنا_جانيت) and #JusticeForJanet to call for the punishment of the criminal and demand an end to the suffering of women and children from physical and sexual assaults in Egypt.

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