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Egyptian Public Prosecution Issues Decisions Regarding the Kidnapping, Rape, and Murder of “Janet” A Sudanese Infant, 10 months, in Nasr City

Photo via social media
Photo via social media

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Sources told the Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE) that the Egyptian Public Prosecution issued 5 decisions last night, April 20th, in the crime of raping, killing, and attempting to dispose of the body of a 10-month-old Sudanese infant, “Janet Gomaa” in a public park in Nasr City. The prosecution’s decision included expediting police investigations into the incident, conducting an autopsy of Janet’s body, preparing an autopsy report indicating the cause of death, and conducting a drug test on the suspect.

The RPE had received a report from the Sudanese refugee community in Egypt on the disappearance of Janet before she was found dead with signs of sexual assault in a park in Nasr City on April 19th. The 10-month-old infant resided with her family in the (Kilometer Four and a Half area of Madinat El-Amal in Nasr City).

Janet was in the care of her older sister while their mother was resting when she went out of the house inadvertently and disappeared. After an extensive search in the area, the family could not find her. As the family headed to the police station to report her disappearance, eyewitnesses reported to the police their discovery of the body of an infant in one of the parks near the family’s house. Initial investigations indicated that she was kidnapped by an “Egyptian worker,” sexually assaulted, and killed, followed by an attempt to dispose of her body in the park.

While neighbors reported that this crime was not committed by one person, security services intensified their search by reviewing surveillance camera footage in the vicinity of the area where she disappeared and was later found dead. Subsequently, the suspect was identified, arrested by security forces, and brought before the Public Prosecution, which decided to detain him for 4 days pending investigation on charges of sexually assaulting an infant, ending her life, and disposing of her body in a public park in one of the streets of Nasr City.

The Public Persecution requested police investigations into the incident, as well as an autopsy of Janet’s body. It also tasked forensic medicine with preparing an autopsy report, identifying the cause of death, and conducting a drug test for the suspect. This decision was made after hearing the testimony of the baby’s family and interrogating the suspect, who admitted to committing the mentioned crimes.

With deep sorrow and broken hearts, the Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE) extends its condolences to Janet’s family and the entire Sudanese community in Egypt. It is a tragic and painful event that bleeds all of our hearts out. We stand with the family to ensure justice and truth. We call on the Public Prosecution to announce the results of the investigations to the Egyptian and Sudanese public and to publish its decisions regarding the case that affects the community, its cohesion, and its security.

At the same time, the RPE calls for ensuring a fair trial and protective measures for her family. In light of the escalation of racially motivated sexual violence, we urge the Egyptian legislature to work on amending Egyptian laws to include the implementation of civil society demands to draft a law to protect women from violence.

We emphasize the importance of legislation that guarantees the rights of the most vulnerable groups, such as refugees and migrants. We also call on serious action by the protection office of the UNHCR in Cairo to ensure the protection of the lives and bodies of refugees, men, women and girls, in Egypt.

May the deceased rest in peace, and may her family and all Sudanese people enjoy patience, peace, and safety.

Stop the killing of refugee women and girls.

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