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A guide to organizations and initiatives providing support to Palestinians in Egypt and how to help their efforts continue

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*The information provided in this guide is current and verified as of Monday, November 20, 2023.


Abwab Elkheir Foundation – مؤسسة أبواب الخير

Since the beginning of the occupation’s aggression, Abwab Elkheir Foundation began supporting stranded Palestinian families and Palestinian students in Egypt.

Until the end of November, the Foundation is working to support 104 new cases at a cost of 364 thousand pounds.

In December, the Foundation expects to support 250 cases at a further cost of 875 thousand pounds.

The total funds thus required for November and December are expected to be 1,239,000 pounds.

To donate:

(from inside Egypt only)

Official institution accounts

  • Alms Account CIB 100038820219
  • Zakat calculation 100050268742 CIB
  • National Bank account ( 1469551491534600011 )


Connecting Gaza


To overcome the cutting off of communication and the Internet for Gazans, the “Connecting Gaza” initiative was launched, which receives donated ESIMs and delivers them to those in the Gaza Strip who need them.

If you need an ESIM or know someone in Gaza in need, please send to any of the accounts mentioned in the following posts and you will be provided with one: 

Steps to activate ESIM cards: 

To donate ESIM cards:

The campaign organizers publish updates when there is a need to donate more ESIM  and from which providers they need. Please follow the accounts mentioned in previous posts to stay informed.

مبادرة مستورة Mastoora Initiative

Mastoora Initiative provides food and can also help host a number of people stranded in Egypt for temporary periods. You can contact the initiative to request support or to support its efforts and activities through the Facebook page: 

Or by email: [email protected] 

مؤسسة مرسال – Mersal Foundation 

Mersal Foundation provides medical support to patients of all nationalities. It also provides support to medical college students from Palestine, in addition to its work in participating in the Gaza support convoy.

Requesting support:

via phone number: 01224507210 or hotline 19340.

Address: 8, Street 263, New Maadi

Ways to donate to Mersal:

To donate via bank transfer, you can find all the information in the following post: 

Through the Mersal website: 


منصة اللاجئين في مصر – Refugees platform in Egypt 

We at RPE are constantly monitoring legal difficulties and ways to access available services.

For any legal inquiries, you can contact us through the following links:



For any inquiry or question regarding service/support providers and how to get various types of services, you can contact us through the following links:



You can also write directly on WhatsApp to the following number: +447441425270

For all those providing services or support to our Palestinians in Egypt, please fill out (I provide A service) form:



Global Conscience Convoy

On November 7, the head of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate issued an urgent call to all forces of freedom and humanity in the world, including international relief and human rights organizations, public intellectuals, journalists, moral leaders and citizens, to come together and call peacefully for:

  1. Ending the war.
  2. Opening the Rafah Crossing, for all humanitarian aid (food, water, medication, and fuel) to enter sustainably, and for an unconditional exit for the critically wounded.
  3. Allowing medical, relief, humanitarian and journalistic crews to enter Gaza.
  4. Supporting the Palestinian people in standing against Israel’s expulsion plans.

From the 7th of November until yesterday, Sunday, November 19, the convoy was able to mobilize (delegations from 65 countries, from Japan to America and from South Africa to Norway, 139 organizations, 224 medical professionals, 133 journalists, 19 public figures, in addition to hundreds of citizens).

There was a specific date for the convoy to set off from Cairo towards the Rafah crossing, but it was postponed due to the inability to obtain the necessary security permits until now. Therefore, the organizers call on all of us to exert all possible efforts to ensure that this convoy can happen. The organizers published some ways in which people and groups can support the convoy’s movement, which is:

  • Mobilize your community, politicians and groups to join and support the convoy action.
  • Send letters, write, blog, and refer to the Egyptian authorities (Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Egyptian Cabinet – Egyptian Parliament – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi) to allow obtaining the necessary security permits for heading towards the Rafah crossing.
  • You can post a video supporting the convoy and/or expressing your intention to participate in it.
  • You can also post a photo with the note: “Let #GlobalConscienceConvoy go, #OpenRafahCrossing” on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Other things you can do are listed here:

For any inquiries or suggestions, please email the convoy at: [email protected] 

Check the convoy’s website: 

As well as Twitter and Instagram for constant updates. 

If you or your group have the interest & ability to join the convoy, please fill out the following form:

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