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Egyptian Public Prosecution orders the release of a Somali child who ended the life of a tuk-tuk driver who tried to rape her

Photo: People gather at the moment the body of a tuk-tuk driver was found dead in the 6th of October City, Tuesday 17 May 2022. Source: Social media ©
Photo: People gather at the moment the body of a tuk-tuk driver was found dead in the 6th of October City, Tuesday 17 May 2022. Source: Social media ©

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Today, the Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered the release of the Somali child held in custody. The 15-years-old was detained for four days pending investigations. she killed a tuk-tuk driver with a knife when he tried to rape her under threat with a pocket knife in the 6th of October City. The Police confirmed the validity of her account in the investigations.

The incident goes back to May 17, 2022, when the Public Prosecution received a report from two people that a dead body of a tuk-tuk driver had been found in the northern expansion area of ​​the 6th of October City, Giza Governorate. This was linked to the Somali child’s presence at the police station to report the driver’s attempt to sexually assault her

The child admitted stabbing the driver while she was defending herself. She explained in the investigations published in the Public Prosecution statement that she “had taken the vehicle (tuk-tuk) to go home, then he had taken an uninhabited road on the way. He stopped claiming his tuk-tuk malfunctioned, then he put a knife to her face that he was hiding under the driver’s seat, and threatened to rape her. So she ran away from him, and he managed to catch her after she fell to the ground, and proceeded to position her with the knife on her neck. She resisted him and held the knife with both hands until her fingers were injured, and she snatched it from him and stabbed him with it. So he left her, and she ran away, seeking help from one of the nearby security guards, and then she reported what happened to the police.”

A medical examination report revealed that the teenage girl had a cut on her head and several cuts on her fingers.

According to the investigations of the Public Prosecution and its examination of the crime scene and the tuk-tuk, traces of blood were found. Finally, “the police investigations confirmed the authenticity of the incident, as stated by the child in the investigations, and the report of the Forensic Medicine Authority on the autopsy of the tuk-tuk driver, confirmed that his death occurred as a result of the injury that the child referred to and that the incident is permissible, according to the statement she gave in the investigations, using the seized knife.”

The Public Prosecution issued a decision to release her under the guarantee of her place of residence, and investigations continue.

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